Mind Your Whiskers

Mind Your Whiskers is a content and media service provider for the veterinary and pet animal industry. Through the products and services we offer, our aim is to improve vet-client relationships, to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners and to improve the professional online presence of vets.

  • Pet and veterinary content services

Our focus areas

Veterinary and pet animal media content

Provision of re-usable stock content and/or writing of unique content in the form of information articles and blog posts. Our content is written professionally, but is easy to understand for pet owners. Content is written to be used on websites, social media and as printed client information sheets.

Sustainable social media services

Generation and automated posting of re-usable pet animal content to the major social networking platforms .

Supporting media platform services

Building and maintaining professional media platforms such as websites , Facebook pages and Twitter profiles, which is used as the basis for our other services.